Review: Pürminerals “The Jupiter Palette” – inspired by “Jupiter Ascending”

Good morning, everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about a very unique new piece in my makeup-collection:The Jupiter Palette by pürminerals. I’m not the girl to always hunt the limited edition sets, but this time I tried to give it a go – here are my thoughts:



This set, which is inspired by the movie “Jupiter ascending” with Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis, contains 3 products. First off: I absolutely ADORE the packaging. The flower-design is so elegant – so this set is really a piece to put on your makeup-shelf, where you can see it 😉




1. Eyeshadow palette: 

All 3 products come in a little box, you can pull out of the actual packaging. On top there’s the eyeshadow palette, which holds 6 unique shadows. Their names are inspired by the movie: “majesty”, “destiny”, “night sky”, “jupiter”, “caine” and “cosmos”.


MAJESTY: a soft, taupe-brown with a light sheen to it
DESTINY: a matte, creme/white shade
NIGHT SKY: a dark grey with silver glitter
JUPITER: a beautiful, bordeaux red with a nice (duo-chrome-kind-of) shine
CAINE: a warm, dark brown with gold glitter
COSMOS: a shimmery champagne-shade

Overall: The eyeshadwos themselves are pretty okay. They are buttery and smooth to touch, unfortunately they don’t have the most color-payoff. Still, they are nice shades in a unique combination, you can use for everyday-, but also nighttime-looks. The palette comes with a little brush I didn’t enjoy at all – but it also has a mirror, which I like in palettes. Moreover it’s quite small, so perfect for travel.

2. The eyeliner:


The liner in “Outer Space”, which is just a nice black, has a really good precision tip (sometimes I get a better wing with this than with my Kat Von D “Tattoo Liner” :O). Eyeliners are obviously totally up to personal preference, because everyone’s eyeshape and skills are different, but this one works pretty well for me! 🙂

3. The Lipgloss:

This lipgloss in the shade “Galaxy” is really special. It’s a beautiful peachy-pink with a golden shimmer to it, so the perfect color for the upcoming spring & summer! The texture is a little sticky, but I’m still okay with it. The great thing about it is the built-in mirror in the side for touchups on the go and the light in the cap, that helps you apply in dark spaces 🙂




  • beautiful packaging
  • perfectly chosen shade-names off the movie
  • eyeshadow-range is unique
  • perfect summer-gloss-shade
  • gloss-on-the-go
  • one of the best eyeliners in my collection
  • the whole set is amazing to just throw in your bag for day-trips
  • good price!


  • eyeshadows are a little powdery/not so much color-payoff
  • gloss is more on the sticky-side

So, have you seen the movie & will you try this set? 🙂


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