Just a little obsessed…

Oh guys, I can tell you… sometimes life takes you somewhere you would never expect yourself to go. For me this is the whole typography, calligraphy, design, art – thing. I started out doing little sketches when I first registered to instagram a month or so ago. There I discovered sooo many wonderful graphic designers and artists and since I had done such typography-pieces sometimes just for myself I decided to put them up on my intagram.

typo 1

Soon drawing became a daily thing, something I did (and do) inbetween learning (if you are a college/university/student you should go and like my “january sucks”-piece – haha!) and to unwind. My account is now filled with these sketches, since many of you seemed to like them… thank you so much for your kind support and comments!

I have to say, I’m still a beginner, but this is just something I really have fun with at the moment, so I hope you don’t mind seeing more of it on here and on my instagram. Don’t worry – I won’t stop posting beauty/fashion-related stuff here too (since that is still my biggest obsession! ;-))

Have a nice day,


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