ZOELLA Beauty order!

WHO would have guessed it… right after the launch I had to order something from the Zoella beauty line.
I just got myself 2 things: the “Guineapig” beauty bag and the “Creamy Madly Dreamy” body lotion. Both represent the sweet and funny personality of Zoe perfectly and are sold at a reasonable price!

Order: I ordered at feelunique.com – really easy, nice homepage, really fast delivery. Everything perfect!

Body Lotion: I absolutely LOVE this one! I always have it right beside my bed to grab it every evening and enjoy the perfect scent and the creamy feeling!


  • beautiful scent, that lasts long for a body lotion
  • goes on smooth
  • doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on the skin
  • moisturizes skin and makes it look healthy and glowing

Beauty Bag
: You just gotta fall in love with this one (even if you are not the biggest Zoella fan and know who the little guy on the bag is).


  • bigger than I thought & than usual beauty bags
  • sweet design (you can choose between 2)
  • smell of plastic – really just a little bit compared to other beauty bags

More info: http://de.feelunique.com/brands/zoella-beauty

Zoella’s blog: http://www.zoella.co.uk/2014/09/zoella-beauty.html


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