First impression: ZOEVA Brushes

Since I had heard so many good things about the brushes by ZOEVA, I decided to stock up on two I’ve been missing in my makeup routine.

One is the #102 “Silk finish”-brush and the other one is the #221 “Luxe Soft Crease”-brush.
They both came in a small zipper-bag and had a plastic-coat on the tip to secure it (which I found really good).




#102 “Silk finish” – “a silky hallelujah”
It’s one of those smaller face-brushes, you can use either for your normal liquid foundation, for powder or even to blend in concealer. It’s a real allrounder, so I can also imagine people using it for conturing or  applying blush.The bristles are REALLY soft and tight together, so the brush moves perfectly over the skin. It comes with a silver part, where you hold it, which I don’t only find pretty, but it also gives you the opportunity of precise appyling.

Foundation brush with vegan taklon bristles
Silky-smooth application of foundation and mineral makeup
So soft and so strong

Here’s what it looks like:

z5 z6
#221 “Luxe Soft Crease” – “all in the details”
Since I looove creating a soft, but defined crease I’m always searching for a good crease-brush. This one fits perfectly in your crease and has long, but quite soft bristles (not AS soft as I expected it to be, but we’ll see how it turns out).

Luxurious blending brush made of finest natural-synthetic hair mix
Create ombre effects for your eyes
Expect professional results

Here’s what this one looks like:


I hope you liked this little “FIRST IMPRESSION”!
I also ordered some NYX-products recently, so there will be a post coming soon 🙂
Stay tuned!


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