Back from the Netherlands & NEWS!

Hi guys,

I’m finally back from my little roundtrip through the Netherlands and I have to say that i absolutely LOVED it. I didn’t even want to go back home again… 😉

IMG_4819 IMG_4648 IMG_4544 IMG_4521

Not only because I got to speak the language I’ve been learning at university throughout the last semester, but also because we had so many new experiences and met such nice people there.

But that’s not all: I really got some cool inspirations for new blog-posts – so stay tuned, I will be publishing regularly again!
Sneak Peek:

  • I did a looot of looming the last few months and even invented my own designs – I bet you’ll love them!
  • Moreover I had to do some shopping in Amsterdam and Den Haag, so there will be new trends and new looks coming soon.
  • Aaand I have been to the RED HEAD DAYS in Breda – so if red is your color or you wanna know more about it + tipps & styles – there will be a post shortly 🙂

There’s so much coming – I hope, you are as excited as I am!

I finally got more than 100 followers at bloglovin!
Thank you so so much! You are the reason I love doing this 🙂



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