Review: CATRICE Beautifying Lip Smoother

I’m again and again suprised by how Catrice makes cosmetics that are really affordable and though in such a good quality. 

Since I’ve always had problems with cracked lips, that even sometimes made it impossible to wear some kinds of lipstick, because they settled in the cracks and lines, I was really pleased, when Catrice came out with this lip smoother. 

I got mine in #020 “Apricot Cream”, which is a sheer peach tone. Moreover there are also the colors #010 “Sweet Caramel”, which seems like a nude/brown tone and #030 “Cake Pop”, which is a sheer pink.



  • smoothens out fine lines and cracked parts (they really become INVISIBLE!)
  • not sticky at all
  • comfy, soft applicator


  • sweet scent
  • sleek, but yet beautiful packaging
  • perfect for the days you wanna have a little more, than just a caring balm
  • sheer shine
  • light feeling on the lips
  • lips feel softer, even after it wears off
  • perfect for a nude makeup look
  • only 3,49€!

“The Beautifying Lip Smoother complements every natural make-up look: a subtle colour-dispersion in pastel shades with a glossy finish ensure a soft, well-groomed appearance. The Lip Smoother visibly evens out fine lines around your lips for flawless results. Its flock applicator and the practical tube packaging guarantee an easy application.” (


  • none for the moment 🙂

Recommendation: ✓

More info:


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