TOP 5: Back to school/college – bags to make it a fab start!

Since many of you are already (or within the next weeks) starting college/school again, I really wanted to do my TOP 5-list of bags for the new semester. 

So, what do I think is important for a bag you wanna use for school or college? 
Firstoff it should offer enough space for all your stuff (obviously). Moreover we all wanna look fashionable, so it shouldn’t be like the old-mom-leather-backpack some of us were forced to wear in primary school. For last I think that it should be matching a lot of outfits, since you’re not going to wear the same colors every single day (only if there are school uniforms in your school – poor you ;)). 
More or less: it shouldn’t be too big, but also not too small, it should look fashionable and match many outfits – LET THE LIST BEGIN 🙂

Hope you like it – stay tuned! 


1. Girly backpack 


– by Accessorize, ca. 40€

2. London girl


– by ALDO, ca. 30€

3. Flower Power


– by Accessorize, ca. 40€

4.  Nude beauty


– by Accessorize, ca. 40€

5. Aztec backpack


– by Claire’s, ca. 30€


Which one would you choose? Tell me in the comments below or on my Facebook or Twitter


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