Review: KIKO Milano Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner

A good eyeliner is a beauty must-have, but can be really hard to find. For some people gel liners work best, for others it’s liquid liners, so you got to try a lot before you even know what’s best for you. I found out that, for me, a pen liner usually works really good – but even that depends on the brand and quality.
So I lately got the Long Wear Pen Liner by KIKO Milano and had some time to try it. 

Here’s what it looks like: 



  • long-lasting
  • smudge-proof (even in hot weather)
  • easy to apply due to shape of the tip
  • really matte black
  • applyable near to the lashes
  • can draw a really thin line
  • slip-free grip
  • good price

“Its soft and flexible tip reliably follows the eye contour, allowing for an absolutely clean and precise line, with buildable thickness.
Intensely pigmented and brilliant, Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner’s texture adheres perfectly to the lid, tracing a full line that holds over time.
The “capillary system” technology allows it to release the ideal amount of   formula, for maximum control during application and a flawless result, without smudging.
Super easy to use, thanks to its innovative ergonomic design and its “anti-slip” grip, Ultimate Eyeliner allows even less experienced users to get extremely accurate and professional results.

 – Available in black

 – Ophthalmologically tested.” 


eyel2(swatches without primer)


  • I personally needed some practice to get the perfect wing with it

Recommendation: ✓

More info:


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