My new addiction: Rainbow Loom

I know these have been around for a while in the US and also some European countries, but in Austria they’re not as popular yet, so I discovered them just yesterday on the beautiful blog “”. This post by Serena from Beautylab first caught my eye on bloglovin:

I immediately went to get myself some of those Rainbow Loom bands (the originals!). I read a lot about them on the internet and some people insisted to buy the original ones, because the fakes may contain toxic substances and tear easier. 

The Rainbow Looms bands come in a small plastic bag, that contains 600 pieces and 24 “C”-clips. I bought them at Claire’s for 5,99€. 


Moreover you just need a simple fork and a tweezer for making the wristbands and a crotchet for the charms – I made a flower and an infinity-sign. 

The bands are availiable with glitter, stripes, matt or shiny – so there are plenty of opportunities to choose from. 
Be creative! 
Would you want me to do step-by-step tutorials on these? 
Comment below! 


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