Review: KIKO Milano – Skin Tone Corrector Primer in “Peach”

Since my Benefit “That gal” primer is empty, I decided to try this one by KIKO Milano. It comes in 3 different shades, depending on your needs (explanation below). I chose the “peach” tone, because I feel like my skin looks a little dull sometimes and could use something to brighten it up and make it look fresh and awake.


So, here’s what I think:


  • availiable in 3 shades, depending on your needs
  • useable for every skintype
  • soft consistency
  • blends in really well
  • you just need a  small amount of the product
  • really hydrating – perfect for dry skin and for summer
  • beautiful scent! (reminds me of the classic Biotherm-scent)
  • makes skin look fresh and awake
  • pump-dispenser gives you the perfect amount with one pump
  • contains diamond-powder to give your skin a natural glow (without making it shimmery!)
  • perfect base – makes your makeup last longer
  • can be worn alone (especially on hot summer days)
  • good price!


“Its lightly toned texture allows the concealing and neutralizing of visible skin discolourations, evening out the skin tone. Thanks to the Diamond powder, Skin Tone Corrector Primer captures the light and delicately reflects it over the entire face, giving it an extraordinary diffused radiance. Its gliding formula, with a pleasurable velvety touch, ensures long lasting comfort and an ultra-light sensation on your face.

Available in 3 shades, each specific for particular needs:

01 Green: ideal for contrasting pink discolourations such as rosacea, capillaries and blemishes.

02 Violet: revitalizes flat shades and warms yellowish skin tones.

03 Peach: ideal for all skin tones that would like to find the “healthy skin” effect.

  • Hypoallergenic = formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions.
  • Non-comedogenic”




  • contains only 30ml of product – as I use it everyday, it would be perfect if there was a bigger one 😉

Recommendation: ✓

More info:






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