Discovered: Brandy Melville – Vienna

To be honest: I had never heard about Brandy Melville before I entered their shop in Vienna yesterday. It opened in December 2013, so I’m actually quite late to discover it, but hey, better late than never! And I’m so glad I finally did – the shop itself is so cute!


Ok, so what do I think of the collection?
OH YES. I felt like they invented a shop just for me ūüėČ Their collection is just wonderful, from¬†cute crop tops to¬†high-waist-shorts to beautiful dresses and accessoires. It’s italian clothing, so it’s quite small (a 36 is like XS). They have many basics, but also some very special pieces.

bm4 bm3 bm2
(Photos: //

What else?
Their price-range is just fabulous! They are really, really affordable and even had 20% off everything yesterday – yess! Moreover they have that thing called “black friday” where they sell all the products on the ground floor 50% off!!! I don’t know how often they do it – in their shop in Vienna the next time is on 25th of July.
Aaaand they also have an online shop, where you can order the chicest collections (but I feel like they have more in store).

More info + online shop:

Hope you liked it – feel free to comment if you’d like a “my favorite pieces by BM”-post!

(I don’t own any of the pictures in this post – they all belong to the sites stated)


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