In-piece: Summer Tote/Shopper – 6 must-haves

To be honest: My Victoria’s Secret Tote is nearly the only bag I’m wearing at the moment. Therefore I thought, it would be cool to show you my very favorite shoppers/totes from this summer season.
Hope you enjoy it!

1. Red & White Striped Beach Tote by

– availiable in different colors
– cute white rope handles for a special nautical look

Price: ca. 34€

2. Gold Beach Bag by Victoria’s Secret at

– gold matches perfect with tanned skin
– cute glitter print

Price: 24,99$

3. Paris City Shopper by Accessorize

– cute charms and gems attached
– stylish newspaper-style

Price: 26,90€

4. Canvas Shopper Bag by Mango

– availiable in 4 colors
– on SALE!
– everyday piece

Price: ca. 11,35€

5. “What the french toast?!”-Shopper by Forever21

– availiable in 3 colors
– casual with cute print

Price: 6,45€

6. Gold Beach Tote by ASOS

– beautiful glitter design
– matches perfectly with a white look

Price: 39,44€

Do you also own a beach tote/shopper?
Let me know in the comment section which one in my list you like most!


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