6 must-have maxi dresses – day edition

WHO doesn’t love maxi dresses this summer?
They are good for every girl and every shape and come in so many different varieties. Also, maxi dresses give us that summer feel while at the same time making us feel decent even for fancy events.

Those are my very favorite for a daytime-look:

1. Cutout Maxi Dress by Forever21

– beautiful, bold color
– cutouts make it special and create a sexy summer look

Price: 19,45€

2. Tall Floral Belted Maxi Dress by ASOS

– belt creates a nice shape
– perfect for a hippie-look

Price: 21,11€

3. Paisley Print Dress by Mango

– elegant, but yet wearable at daytime
– perfect to create a day-to-night look

Price: 34,99€

4. Patterned Maxi Dress by VILA

– cool snakeskin-look
– combine with sheer, golden accessoires

Price: 49,95€

5. Sleeveless Denim Maxi Dress by OrangeBear at yesstyle.com

– denim matches every skin tone
– casual but at the same time really stylish

Price: ca. 27€

6. Shortsleeve Maxi with Print by ONLY

– cool skater-look
– makes a nice shape due to the fit

Price: 24,95€

Hope you liked it 🙂 Let me know your very favorites in the comments!

(none of the pictures in this post belong to me, they are all owned by the companies and sites stated here)


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