Gosh: Light’n Shine Lip Glaze

Today I’m going to do my first review on a product by GOSH.
Gosh is a drugstore brand, that’s quite new here in Austria (not like yesterday, but still new) and I certainly like some of their products, though I haven’t tried many of them.
The product I’m reviewing now is a lip glaze or let’s just say lip gloss with high shine in the light pink color #04. To be honest: I don’t use lipgloss a lot, because I’m just not into the feeling that much, but someone recommended this one to me.


  • built-in light & mirror! – which makes it perfect for re-appyling no matter where you are


  • lots of shimmer and shine


  • lips get an instant volume-boost
  • quite longlasting
  • little brush makes it easy to apply precisely

“GOSH Light’n Shine gives a super “high shine” finish. With built-in light and mirror that makes it easy to apply everywhere – even on a night out on the town.” (www.goshcosmetics.com)


  • quite sticky at first
  • more shimmer than color

Recommendation:  ✓ – yes – if you are into lipgloss, you’re probably gonna love it, especially at that price!


More infohttp://www.goshcosmetics.com/uk/gosh-light-n-shine-lip-glaze.html


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