Benefit: World Famous Neutrals Kit

Who doesn’t love eyeshadow palettes and kits?
Oh, yes! We all do – so Benefit created the “World Famous Neutrals”-Kits.


Why we love it!
Get your “goddess” on with these believable-bronze makeup essentials!Filled with sexy bestsellers, this TAN-talizing box of beauty has all you need to get out there and glow for glory.” (


day night

One of my very favourites is the kit in “Easiest Nudes Ever”.
There are 4 powder shades and 2 cream shades, so the kit is really well composed.



  • nude shades – perfect for everyday
  • shimmery shades included
  • good color-payoff
  • cream shades don’t settle in your crease and are really easy to apply
  • cream shades aren’t sticky at all
  • all shades stay on very long
  • good balance between dark shades and highlighters
  • you can create a whole look just with this kit
  • 2 instructions for day- and night-look
  • mirror included
  • cute packaging
  • availiable in 3 different shade-combos

(swatches without primer: above: cream shades; down: powders: “call my buff” (left), “thanks a latte” (2nd), “pinky swear” (3rd), “quick, look busy” (right)


  • no brush included
  • price (but the quality’s worth it…)

Recommendation: ✓

More info:


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