Benefit: “that gal” Primer

Well, I guess that one has become kind of a Benefit-classic 😉

But why do I even need a primer?
A good primer should prep your skin before applying concealer, foundation etc. and help it to last longer. But this one does more! It brightens your teint and can be used throughout the day for a touch-up to make you look more awake. 



  • makes your skin smooth and helps foundation to blend in better
  • blends in really well and fast itself
  • has a scent like bubble gum (to me; which I personally love!) 
  • easy to use: just twist the base until the product is distributed on top
    – due to that: amount can be controlled easily
  • perfect to touch-up your make-up throughout the day (especially in summer!)
  • makes you look more awake, takes away any dullness
  • lightweight texture
  • sweet design of packaging (as always with Benefit!)
  • can be worn alone or just with powder on top
  • makes your make-up last longer (though: see CON)

Why we love it!

Our silky pink primer takes your complexion from dull to darling! Simply blend it on for the look of brighter, smoother skin. Contains light-reflecting pigments to help brighten all skin tones and raspberry & chamomile to soothe skin.

How to apply

Twist the base until the primer is distributed on the top. Apply with fingertips onto the face. Blend this silky pink primer in an even, upward motion. Wear alone or under makeup for smoother makeup application. Gently pat on during the day to re-brighten your complexion.

Beauty tip

“That gal” is the perfect partner to your foundation or moisturizer. If you’re a no-makeup gal, wear it solo for a darling glow.”

(without blending)


  • has a really sweet scent, that not anybody might like
  • doesn’t replace your moisturizer – will settle in dry spots if you don’t use one before (on really dry skin)
  • there’s only one shade, which may not be perfect for darker skin tones
  • if you’re searching for something that makes your make-up last really long, that effect might not be enough for you with this product – but I personally feel like that’s not really the main-purpose of it

Recommendation: ✓ 

More info:


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