Bronze-up Monday: Benefit Watt’s up

Today I’m introducing a product by another brand I love: Benefit.
A good highlighter is a must-have in every beauty bag. Especially for nice tanned summer-skin I’d recommend Benefit’s Watt’s up.


PRO: The color is a nice, light gold/bronze with lots of shimmer (swatch down below). It blends in really well and can be used up on your cheekbones, on your nose, right under your eyebrows to lift them up or anywhere you need a little shimmery highlight.
The texture is really soft and not sticky at all and the highlighter lasts several hours without fading. It also has a really sweet packaging (as all the Benefit products ;-)) and a little sponge on one end to blend the highlighter in. I personally don’t use it, I blend the product in with my fingers or a blush brush, but it’s nevertheless a nice extra. 

CON: The only thing I can imagine not everyone will totally love is the scent, because it’s really sweet. Anyways I have to say that it doesn’t last very long, so even if it’s not your very favourite, you’ll be okay.



More info at the homepage of Benefit cosmetics:


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